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"Not about us without us"

Unite For Climate Action is a diverse group of young people from Latin America, the Caribbean, and Europe, connected as we all experience the direct and indirect consequences of climate change, while also being part of the solutions for the crisis. We have been working together to foster accessibility in international decision making spheres, with special focus in Black, Indigenous, and People Of Color (BIPOC) communities from LAC. We aim to change the existing balance of power by 2025, where regions that are seriously affected by the climate crisis no longer remain underrepresented and where intersectionality is a core value of our fight.


We support one another, those around us, and the environment in all of our endeavours, with the highest respect and care being at the forefront of our actions in order to promote inclusivity.


We represent countries from all across the world, actively supporting intersectionality and ensuring that everyone, no matter their background or how they identify, feels acknowledged and accepted in everything we do.


We raise the voices of underrepresented groups throughout the world, sharing our knowledge, stories, experiences, expertise, and realities with those who are not aware, so that change may occur.


We want to grow our network by connecting with those who understand and support our goals and our team, pushing for solidarity and cooperation, ultimately uniting everyone within the climate movement. 

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Fog and Nature
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The meritocrat idea that the fairest way is to treat everyone as equals has a fatal flaw, and it is that that we are not equal outside of the selection room.

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When you can do more, do more.

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U4CA aims to link initiatives and joint efforts towards understanding and action on the climate crisis by deepening our differences.

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